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A Parent’s Guide TV serial

The Parents’ Guide TV series has been broadcasted every week on TV B92 for the last ten years (broadcasted on TV B92 on Saturdays at 8.45 and on Sundays at 12.30 on TV B92 INFO). There have been more than 500 episodes and not a single week missed. The Parents’ Guide is a half an hour show intended for parents (including parents to be) and everyone involved in children’s upbringing, education and care. A half an hour show features 4 to 5 reports – pediatric/psychological/medical themes and advice, presenting new facilities for children’s upbringing and education, new programs, primarily a full overview of children’s theatre plays, events, interesting life stories, new children’s and parenthood books, multimedia editions, programs for children with special needs . With more than 515 shows broadcasted, featuring at least 4 reports each, one only has to do the math, a countless number of people, settings, programs, stories. Among others, the Parents’ Guide TV series testify the extraordinary efforts of a number of people in Serbia to launch, develop, implement and support programs related to parenthood, upbringing and education of children. Since March 2005, we switched from TV B92 production to an independent production, so the whole undertaking is supported by the publishing and production company, A Parents' Guide.


A Parent’s Guide Publications


Cover page for Parents Guide publication

The regular newsletter is issued bimonthly (6 times a year). It already has 160 densely typed and illustrated pages. All the kindergarten and infant nurseries you can think of, preschool facilities, foreign language schools, art and sport courses for kids, playrooms, birthday playrooms, and animators are in there. A Parents’ Guide newsletter is a Belgrade edition. However, it also includes Serbia-wide advertisements and programs – publishers and retailers. The publication is in its 6th year now, with the 35th issue recently released - Marth 2011. Another Parents' Guide publication is the annual Catalogue. Four issues have been published so far of this slightly larger-format publication. The main difference compared to the "regular" issue is that all the nurseries and schools have the same advertising space and are expected to provide detailed explanations about their programs, facilities, methods and structure of work, observing the set of relevant criteria.






Guide for Baby's Parents

The Baby Gift project has been launched in April 2008, in Belgrade municipality of Savski Venac. Savski Venac can boast to have the largest birth registry in Serbia and probably in the Balkans, and it is safe to say that the number of new born babies registered in this municipality is unusually high even in European terms. The project idea is that each parent who comes to register a newly born child at the municipal birth registry office should receive AS A GIFT a hard copy and DVD edition of the Guide for Baby's Parents. Both are expert publications presented in a user-friendly manner, providing a handful of recommendations on how to take care of a newborn after leaving the maternity hospital.


Baby Cook Book

Kuvar za bebeA DVD and hard copy of the Baby Cookbook is now available. In an amusing and appealing way (the main character who cooks, seeks advice and enriches his knowledge is a fresh dad) this publication covers a wide variety of relevant and serious issues and recommendations related to nutrition of infants and toddlers from six months up to a year and a half (from the moment of introducing non-milk foods).

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